For as long as I can remember, I’ve shared a special connection with animals.

My Mission:

Providing the highest level of doggie daycare & pet sitting for the discerning pet owner & their beloved furry friends.

Hi there!  My name is Kedda.  I've resided in San Diego for over twenty years; six of those have been spent joyfully pet sitting.  I LOVE animals!  

I started Bow Wow's Hangout (B.W.H) to give pet owners what I always wanted but could never find - A free spirited doggie daycare where pups can come rest, relax and play in an environment conducive to their happiness and well being: A home.  Where a big yard blanketed under a giant ficus tree lay in wait for playful puppy paws and a conveniently connected indoor sanctuary lingers for lazy puppy naps.  No kennels, no stress and (almost) no rules!

More about me:  I received my veterinary assistant certificate in 2011.  After interning in animal hospitals/dog boarding facilities & shelters, I decided to start up my own business, B.W.H.  I am passionate about animals big and small.  I cannot pass by one without giving them some love and affection.  It is this passion that makes me great at what I do and I attribute my growing business to that.  Of course, I am a devoted pet owner myself and have had animals of all kinds throughout my life.  I do volunteer work with local rescues and have been an advocate for S.P.O.T animal rescue for over two years.  My experience with animals is plentiful.

With a house full of my own pets, I know how hard it can be to leave them alone all day.  That's one of many reasons I started Bow Wow's Hangout.  I treat your pets with as much care, attention, love & affection as I do my own.  Adding adventure to their day while brightening their spirits is so gratifying it truly makes my day while making that long wait for you to get home a lot easier for you both.

As a devoted animal lover I can understand how important it can be to find a trusting person who loves their animals as much as you do.  My friends, family and clients know me as a lover of animals and an amazing pet sitter.  

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
  • Pet first aid, safety & CPR certified
  • Certified Vet Assistant
  • Insured with Pet Sitters Associates LLC.
  • 100% pure homestyle hangin' out.
  • No kennels (unless your pet requires/prefers one)
Bow Wow's Hangout - Pet First Aid & CPR Certified.