I've been blessed to be involved with
many amazing people & projects

Project Kennel Komfort. - Blanket drop @ the San Diego Gaines Shelter.

Working with animals has always been such a rewarding aspect of my life.  We all know how much they give.  For me, reciprocating my appreciation with love and time is another way, another chance to be with them sharing in the unique ways in which we interact, love and heal each other.

Many relationships begin with a bit of a tragic story but with opportunity & hope that in our new connection brings happier, healthier days ahead.  Some are simply assisting others and coming together as a group to accomplish a caring goal.

Project Kennel Komfort:

On a November visit to the Oceanside Animal Shelter, my eleven year old son my son and I were walking through the kennels when he looked up at me and made a comment about them looking sad and cold.  He followed that up with a statement more than a question, "I want these dogs to be warm, they need blankets, I want to bring them blankets".  So, we "partnered up" to facilitate his goal.  And, that's when it all started.

He blanketed the entire Oceanside animal shelter and with that, the news came to report on his efforts as well as the Union Tribune reporting his achievements on the front page of the January 1st edition of the North County Times.  We embarked on a mission to blanket every shelter in San Diego County (per his desires, following his lead) even making it up to Riverside and Long Beach.  We met many amazing people & organizations through the journey receiving so much support from individuals who provided P.K.K with blankets at our drop locations.

Project Kennel Komfort stood & still stands for not only bringing comfort to the shelter animals but raising awareness for others to adopt shelter animals.

Visit his Project Kennel Komfort page.